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The Rookie Update

Hi guys. Screen captures from episodes 2-8 and stills from the show featuring Ali are now in our gallery. Credit goes to for the captures.


Magazine Scans

Our gallery has been updated with various magazine scans of Ali.

Heroes Chapter 1 Captures

Screen captures from the pilot episode of “Heroes” are now in the gallery.

Heroes (2006-2010) > Season One > Screen Captures > Chapter One ‘Genesis’

Exclusive Scans

The following scans of Ali from Instyle and Glamour magazine are now in our gallery.


10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Ali recently attended the 10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Los Angeles. Photos from the event are now in the gallery.

Photo Shoots

I’ve updated the gallery with following photo shoots of Ali. I will also be going through previously uploaded images and separating the tagged/watermark images. Those images will be placed in their own album.

Gallery Updates

The following has been added to the gallery.

Lucky Magazine Scans

Scans of Ali from past Lucky magazines are now in the gallery.

Site Updates

Hey Ali fans, stay tuned for a site update. I’ll be updating the gallery with more amazing images of Ali along with new themes for the site.

If you have a site and would like to be affiliated with us, please send your link. Contact the Admin please put Ali Larter Fan in the subject.

You may also submit scans, fanart and more Ali. You will be given credit.

Recent Events

Ali recently attended the  following events: